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Mary Austin Speaker is a poet and book designer. Her first full-length collection of poems, Ceremony, was selected by Matthea Harvey as winner of the 2012 Slope Editions book prize and will be published in February 2013. She is the author of four chapbooks: In the End There Were Thousands of Cowboys (Menagerie Editions 2009), Abandoning the Firmament (Menagerie Editions 2010), The Bridge (Push Press 2011), and 20 Love Poems for 10 Months (Ugly Duckling Presse 2012), as well as a play, I AM YOU THIS MORNING YOU ARE ME TONIGHT, collaboratively written with her husband, the poet Chris Martin for the journal Bridge. She runs a tiny design studio in Iowa City, and regularly designs books for HarperCollins, Futurepoem, Alice James Books and others, as well as occasional other printed matters like wedding invitations and restaurant menus. Please inquire if you'd like to hire her for a project.

Before she left New York, Mary cofounded Triptych Readings, which ran for three years before her move to Iowa, and curated Reading Between A & B poetry series for its last four seasons. She has also been Poetry Editor of Indiana Review at Indiana University, where she taught poetry, fiction and composition; and an instructor of argumentative writing at Kirkwood Community College. Her poetry has received awards from Seattle Review, Diner, Lumina, Iowa Review, and the Academy of American Poets, and appears or is forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio; The Cultural Society; Boston Review; Konundrum Literary Engine Review, New Orleans Review, Lungfull; La Fovea; and other places you can find here. She has received fellowships from Indiana University and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers.